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Foundation Programs in the U.S

"We believe in all kids, from Africa to Atlanta. It's our mission to go past helping them, to empowering them. Everyone should grow up knowing anything is possible." Akon




For three years, the Konfidence Foundation has organized annual community events and programs during Thanksgiving and Christmas to help working poor families in and around Metro Atlanta. From providing a Thanksgiving meal to organizing toy giveaways, the Foundation's holiday programs have become a staple for the Atlanta community and each year our programs continue to grow.

In 2010, the Konfidence Foundation joined forces with the Gidewon Foundation to donate and distribute 2,000 turkeys and side items to members of the United Way who were in need of a little help for the holiday season. The event took place at Turner Field in Atlanta.  Just a month later, the Konfidence Foundation & Gidewon Foundation collaborated again to make Christmas 2010 a memorable experience.  Disadvantaged Metro Atlanta children and families came together at Cascade Skating Rink to skate, eat pizza, and receive more than 2,500 toys.

In November 2009, Akon and the Konfidence Foundation teamed up with Rap Artist Big Boi and Ludacris to make over 2,000 families' Thanksgiving one to remember. The three well known artists and philanthropists set-up a donation site at Cobb High School in Austell, GA to give away more than 2,000 turkeys and side items to needy families. For the Christmas holiday, Akon partnered up with the Gidewon Foundation and gave away approximately 1,500 toys to underprivileged children in the Atlanta Metro area. The event was held at Cascade Skating Rink.

On March 2, 2011 (Dr. Seuss' birthday), Akon and the Konfidence Foundation participated in NEA's Read Across America Day by attending Glen Haven Elementary School in Decatur, Georgia and donating autographed children's books to the students.

Foundation Programs in Senegal Africa


The Konfidence Foundation funded the reconstruction of Ecole Elementaire P.A.Y. Unite 3, an elementary school in Dakar, where the facilities were meager and the structure unsafe. Working with the community to rebuild the school, Akon and his mother Ms. Thiam returned home in 2007 to unveil the new school and distributed over 1,000 textbooks to the teachers and their students.

The Konfidence Foundation partnered with local government agencies to provide scholarships to students interested in continuing their education and developing technical expertise. 

The following are additional Konfidence Foundation activities that have taken place in Senegal:

    • Distributed over 1,000 mosquito nets to individuals and families to help protect against Malaria
    • Provided juice and water to an orphanage
    • Dug a well for a school to have running water on the property


Recent Projects

  • Through the scholarship programs in Africa, the Konfidence Foundation helps students further their education to attend technical schools that offer such courses as nursing, computer skills, etc..

    Maimouna Kane Tine, a recipient of the Konfidence Foundation's scholarship program, was able to further her education and go to school to study nursing. Maimouna was also able to afford the cost for her driver's license.

  • Akon and his mom, Kine Gueye Thiam, natives of West Africa, visited the orphanage in the SOS Village in Senegal, Africa to donate an abundance of juice and fresh drinking water to be used in the orphan's formula. This donation was greatly appreciated by the orphanage, as their beverage supplies were in need of immediate replenishment.

  • Malaria is a disease that has infected millions of people all over the world. To fight the plague of Malaria, Akon and his foundation gifted and distributed 1000 mosquito nets to the city of Pikine. The nets were disbursed to expecting mothers' and children between the ages of 1 month to 5 years old. Distribution of the nets drastically improves young children and expecting mothers chances for survival as their immune systems are not strong enough to fight off the disease. Furthermore, access to local hospitals and resources are not plentiful.